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Pet Care

Line of food supplements for the welfare and health of pets, with ingredients of natural origin and high quality.

  • 15 scientific advisors and approximately 500 prescribing veterinarians

  • Expert support for daily dietary supplementation

  • 600 k euros of turnover in 2021

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 250 k€

Goal max 700 k€

Total Collected

720.558 €




5 Mln€

Minimum goal

250 k€

Minimum Order

248,5 €



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More and more families own a pet (nearly 12 million in Italy and about 88 million in Europe): PETs are considered in effect a member of the family. Many owners wish to care for their pets with natural products, just as they would for themselves and their loved ones.

The availability of quality natural pet wellness products is not yet sufficient to cover the demand, so its growth potential is huge today.

Based on these premises, DYNAMOPET was born.

In the first years of its operation, DYNAMOPET invested in equipping its development project with a solid foundation, which led to the formulation of a full range of high-quality natural food supplements, made with "human grade" ingredients, based on medicinal plants and mushrooms to enable:

- the veterinarian to effectively help the animal regain balance and health in difficult situations, acting particularly on the immune system, in support of traditional therapy;

- to the owner to take daily care of his or her pet's well-being, through personalized natural supplementation that improves the quality of his or her diet, which is too often always the same and not complete.

DYNAMOPET products feature exclusive formulations based on the age-old tradition of phytotherapy and mycotherapy and are the result of innovative scientific research with universities in Italy and abroad, which has led to important publications in international scientific journals.

DYNAMOPET was among the first companies to introduce medicinal mushrooms into the pet food supplement sector.

By the end of 2021, the company has 15 scientific advisors in its network, veterinary graduates, to introduce the products to about 500 veterinarians who already prescribe them on a regular basis. More than 4,000 owners have started to use them and constantly spontaneously testify to the effectiveness of the products and allowing to reach a turnover of more than 600k Euro.

On the Dynamopet campaign, the optional paidRubricationservice is available.

On Dynamopet, 30% tax benefits apply


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