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Business specialising in the resale of limited edition luxury clothing and sneakers, located in the centre of Milan with a physical and online store.

  • Expanding sector: €23b in 2020, estimated €35b in 2025

  • HypeAnalyzer: proprietary software and technical analysis tool for the sneakers secondary market

  • €540k+ billed in 2020 despite 5 months of physical store closure due to pandemic

  • In-depth knowledge of the market by the team

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 300 k€

OVERFUNDING New goal max: 750 k€

Total Collected

759.776 €




1,5 Mln€

Minimum goal

300 k€

Minimum Order

249,75 €



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dropout is a brand specializing in the resale of limited edition clothing and sneakers, which develops in the center of Milan with a physical and online store.

At the Milan store and on dropoutmilano.com (both launched in the second half of 2018) shoes released in recent years and sold out at traditional retailers in record time are on sale. The store has on display random pieces, such as the only Jordan 1 with a reverse Nike symbol, valued at 125 thousand euros, to attract curious and fanatics of the sneakers world. Clothing, accessories and dropout® brand products are also on sale.

Customer needs

The rush to buy status symbols in the world of streetwear has stylish as well as sociological reasons: brands such as Jordan, Supreme and Off-White boast strong links to the suburban cultures born in the metropolis. The purchase of the exclusive product makes the consumer the bearer of both a symbol of social success and of continued belonging to a culture with suburban roots.

It is no coincidence that the number of consumers in this market is steadily increasing, with those in the present day never tired of paying hefty surcharges to keep up with fashion.

dropout provides customers with the opportunity to buy limited edition authentic and hard-to-find products, be able to try on and buy in confidence in a physical store whose brand is recognised nationwide.

By accepting products on consignment, dropout is also where individuals can sell their unused limited edition shoes with a simple, fast and fully digitized process.


To support the business, the dropout team has developed HypeAnalyzer (SIAE registration D000014993), a technical analysis tool for the sneakers secondary market. On its website and iOS app, HypeAnalyzer tracks and compares thousands of sneakers daily to identify those with the greatest potential for future resale, making sneakers a true asset.

HypeAnalyzer's algorithms define various aspects of the business: from products and account margins to prices, discounts and storefronts. Data analysis ensures that products on sale and on display are objectively of interest: anyone wanting on-trend and limited edition products would be on the safe side by logging into dropout or visiting dropoutmilano.com.

The sales account is automated and digital: users can manage their products on sale, check pending payments and communicate with the dropout team from the comfort of the website or iOS app.

Customer and traction

With over 2 million visitors on the website, 150 million social media impressions and 5 million Youtube views as of 2018, dropout is among the most well-known Italian resale brands in the secondary market of limited edition sneakers and streetwear.

On the dropout campaign is active the Republicationpaid.


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