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A digital real estate agency that controls the quality of processes centrally, reduces costs for its clients and eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional real estate agencies

  • 4x revenue in 2 years for €2.5M in sales

  • Scalable model: 2000+ municipalities covered

  • €65M+ of GMV in the first 2.5 years and 1600+ exclusive mandates

  • 25+ software developed to digitize and optimize processes

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 1,2 Mln€

Goal max 1,7 Mln€

Total Collected

1,6 Mln€




10,51 Mln€

Minimum goal

1,2 Mln€

Minimum Order

499,14 €



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  • Market and Target
  • Business Model
  • Financial projections
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Founded at the end of 2018 by a group of managers and entrepreneurs, was born with the aim of redefining the real estate buying and selling experience and bringing transparency to a still nebulous sector. Thanks to the use of technology and the best agents on the territory has been able to zero costs for those who want to sell their home and guarantee maximum transparency and efficiency for those who want to buy.

The Italian real estate market is huge (€89B transacted in 2020 for a total of €3 billion in commissions; SOURCE: OMI data) but notoriously fragmented and inefficient. solves these problems in 3 ways:

  • REDUCING COSTS: a nationwide player able to offer a qualitatively superior service at competitive prices for buyers and ZERO COMMISSIONS for the seller
  • IMPROVING PERCEPTION: it controls and monitors each step of the sale guaranteeing transparency, experience and expertise in the field
  • ZERO INEFFICIENCES: standardizes the process in order to make buying and selling simple and straightforward for buyers, sellers and agents by putting TECHNOLOGY at the CENTER.


The company has developed over 25 proprietary softwares that support the activities from the first contact with the potential seller to the actual deed. The internal management system allows for granular control of any buying or selling process:

  • it facilitates and prioritizes the operations of the internal call center, ensuring that clients are answered and contacted in record time (< 5 minutes)
  • helps agents in the evaluation of properties with quantitative data and supports them in the organization of activities
  • allows automatic publication on portals as well as the receipt of any purchase interest through a single interface
  • connects the central team and the sales force, guaranteeing systematic monitoring of property trends.

Customer traction

In 2020, despite the epidemic of Covid-19 and a contraction of the residential real estate market by 8% (SOURCE: Agenzia delle Entrate), recorded a 146% growth in revenues (vs 2019) and an increase in the number of properties brokered of 116%.

In less than three years it has acquired more than 1,600 exclusive properties going to decrease the average time of sale (2.4 months -63% vs national average). The company has managed to cover more than 50 provinces , guaranteeing the physical presence of expert agents in the area and transacting properties for a total value of over €65M. The year 2021 is expected to be another year of growth with a turnover estimated to exceed €1.4M.

This investment round will further differentiate the strategy by continuing to invest in technology and digitization processes. also wants to continue to improve the home buying experience by increasing the range of services offered and the presence of agents on the territory.

On the campaign is available the optional service of Listing free for the Investor as the costs are borne by


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