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Delivery Valley


Creates lab kitchens that serve the delivery and takeaway market with quality food designed to be transported home.

  • Exponential growth: from 500k in 2020 to over 1.9m in 2021

  • Operating efficiency and positive Ebitda in 2021 over 9%

  • 1 company, 4 kitchens, 8 brands and 350,000 meals prepared since opening

  • Blackstone invested €8bn in a portfolio of warehouses and dark kitchens in Europe alone

Professional Investor

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Goal min 1.000 k€

Goal max 2 Mln€

Total Collected

1,6 Mln€




10,49 Mln€

Minimum goal

1.000 k€

Minimum Order

242,84 €



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Tired of hearing about ghost kitchens and groping in the dark?

Delivery Valley creates laboratory kitchens designed to serve the delivery and takeaway market, with recipes that retain original quality even after home delivery by major delivery platforms.

How? Through "own brands" created to meet the demands of those who order on delivery with a unique offering.

Delivery Valley is characterized by:

  1. Obsession with food and product quality, achieved through state-of-the-art techniques and attention to detail.
  2. Obsession for the quality of raw materials and food designed from the idea to arrive perfect at home.
  3. Obsession with communication, Unique Provocative Brands have a separate communication strategy, tone of voice, and positioning-each brand has its own instagram and target audience.
  4. Abolitions of the chef figure in favor of operators who can easily learn standardized procedures.
  5. "Zero waste," allowing no waste and turning some unsold products into new ones.
  6. Artificial intelligence, the startup is finalizing software to predict demand, eliminate redundancies, and optimize orders.
  7. Geo-proximity of kitchens with their target audience who live on average 3 kilometers from the lab.
  8. Centralization of production: semi-finished products are produced in a centralized lab.

Delivery Valley started in June 2020 and has 3 locations on Milan, one of them has a centralized production lab attached: and one "wip" on Monza. The company has experienced exponential growth in terms of turnover from 500K in 2020 to over 1.9m in 2021 with an Ebitda of over 9%.

The startup from the beginning kept costs under control by hiring an in-house buyer that allowed it to get quality raw materials and keep food costs under control.

Delivery Valley has prepared about 350,000 meals since opening. The bags and brand menus on delivery platforms have been used by the company as a real media that has led to collaboration with various brands and products in the market. Example: 20,000 gifts of perfectly chilled beers, oil tasting with a fresh pinzimonio to introduce a consortium, the presentation of a bank through communications in the bags, and the creation of limited edition combos by Lievito Mother Fucker in collaboration with a well-known prosecco. These and other projects have created a unit of the company, the "Kitchen Media," generating 90k in sales since opening.


On the Delivery Valley campaign is available the optional Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Delivery Valley.


A30% tax break applies on Delivery Valley.


With the AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital ALIcrowd II fund, established by the Azimut Group and managed by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR SpA, Azimut invests in Delivery Valley.


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Delivery Valley

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