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Real estate development project with an innovative format: the adaptive, modular apartment, reconfigurable to the needs of the family over time.

  • Introduces the concept of an adaptive apartment, which changes as the owner's needs change

  • Prospective annual ROI of up to 14%,with capital and antergated return

  • Location with strong residential demand

  • Highly experienced team

min: 400.000 €

max: 800.000 €

29 Investments

158.500 €

27 Paid

97.500 €

Estimated Duration

12 months

Minimum Order

1.000,00 €

Annual ROI Max 

14,0 %

Days left


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Project - Milan is the pilot project inaugurating a new way of living at home. The format, developed by the company, involves the creation of a building with collabor-active spaces available to all residents, consisting of a coworking area for working at home without using one's own apartment, a guest space for inviting friends home without using one's own home, a lockers space for package delivery, and adaptive apartments, modifiable in size and configurations of use without structural intervention and according to the evolution of housing needs over time

II Project involves the demolition and reconstruction for residential use of a building located in Milan, Via Soffredini No. 75, a 5-minute walk from the Villa San Giovanni (MI) subway station.

The building will have 7 floors for a total of 16 apartments of which 5 are "adaptive" and that is, unique apartments that can be reconfigured internally.

The adaptive apartment is a unique apartment that allows the differentiated and reconfigurable use of interior spaces, thanks to the intelligent management of the apartment's accesses (a main access and a service hallway access). It consists of a home area with living area and master bedroom and two PODs (home station) equivalent to individual rooms in the same apartment.

Thanks to a patented interior window frame, it will be possible to reconfigure the interior space, allowing not only growing young families or decreasing senior families to progressively extend or reduce the space they need, but also to temporarily use the PODs for students and young professionals, or even caregivers who "share" several rooms in the apartment, but always preserving a high level of privacy.

The real estate transaction has a total duration of about 36 months. The property is currently under preliminary contract and will be purchased by October 31, 2022

On the campaign is available the optional Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by - Milan. - Milan reserves the right of "liquidation preference" to all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in case of exit than the company's other shareholders. All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.


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