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Technology company that integrates Software development with service delivery in the areas of HR management and Management Control.

  • Proprietary Managed Service, SaaS and Total Native API technology solutions

  • HR Software - Business Intelligence - Services market booming by €11bn

  • EBIT always positive and growing steadily with aggregate sales of € 3mln to 2022

  • Group of more than 60 people led by a team of managers with more than 20 years of expertise

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Goal min 300 k€

Goal max 600 k€

Total Collected

353.619 €




5 Mln€

Minimum goal

300 k€

Minimum Order

235 €



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  • Market and Target
  • Business Model
  • Financial projections
  • Use of funds
  • Rewards for Investors
  • Team and Shareholders
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Outsourcing HR & PayRoll, Management Control and Analytical Accounting meet the power of Compendium S.p.A. Technologies.

Compendium is a technology company that integrates Software development with theprovision of outsourced services for HR and Management Control management.

Compendium's is aunique offering in the market, with a scalable and replicable business model, thanks to the mix of technology, consulting and services. In fact, on the one hand there is the sale of software licenses with recurring revenue generation linked to the licenses' usage fees. On the other, the use of technology enhances the consulting value and services offered, thus responding to a market need consisting of large players with outdated technologies and small professionals with little inclination to digitization.

And it is precisely the market that is demanding the use of new technologies in the sector, as the turnover from the sale of Tech solutions (HR Software and Business Intelligence) amounts to about 9 MLD €.

The structured ecosystem has enabled the company to evolve from an innovative startup to an Innovative SME in 4 years since its founding (2017) and, within 5 years, catch up (in reputation and positioning) with competitors that have been active for more than 20 years.

The company closes 2022 with an aggregate turnover of 3 MLN €. A steady growth that did not stop even during the Covid-19 period (in 2020 turnover increased by 20% compared to the previous year), expecting to further increase up to 40% for 2023 and reach - at the same time as the goals achieved in the campaign - 8 MLN € of turnover in 2027.

Goals achieved also thanks to theover 20 years of expertise of the Managers, the professionalism of the +60 internal resources and the more than 300 client companies, including: McDonald's, Corneliani, Pizzium, Miscusi, Sea Aeroporti Milano, Gorillas, Berberè, Sodexo, Engy, PepsiCo, GFK, etc.

The main technology solutions that have strong market appeal are:

  • HR Compendium Platform: for digitizing, automating, integrating and streamlining HR processes;
  • Compendium BI Suite: the Business Intelligence for the extraction, analysis and reporting of business data.

Investing in Compendium means joining a fast-growing innovative company whose technology is revolutionizing the business services industry.


Tax benefits of 30 percent apply on Compendium .


Compendium reserves the right of "liquidation preference" for all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in the event of an exit than the company's other shareholders (according to the order of preference stated in the bylaws). All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.


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