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Come and find out why Coderblock's virtual workspace, dedicated to digital collaborations in smart working, is revolutionizing the job market, before and after the emergency.

  • Proprietary and customizable technology

  • In Italy from 570 thousand to 3 M of smart workers per emergency Covid

  • Innovative startup with a positive turnover for several years

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Company reactions to the Covid-19 emergency:

In June 2020 Coderblock entered into new commercial partnerships and started to apply the planned roadmap, closing contracts for a total of €70,000 in just one month, thus reaching 80% of the expected production value for the year 2020.

During the lockdown, the smart working market recorded unprecedented growth, with +58% of Italian SMEs intending to maintain the new working method even after the emergency. Novatek Srl reacted promptly to adapt its business to the new market needs. The company chose to put a new simplified 3D office (Coderblock Office) and a new service dedicated to the organization of events, fairs and virtual conferences in 3D ahead of the market. To improve the scalability of its customized plans, the Coderblock team is already working to create a new 3D configurator that will make its users independent in the choice and construction of their virtual office.

Coderblock is the digital platform that optimizes remote collaborations in smart working through a 3D virtual office that offers an immersive and engaging working experience.

Coderblock is a product of Novatek Srl, a solid innovative startup, with a profitable turnover and a complete technological product. In the last year we have enthusiastically presented our project around the world, won the first prize at Techitalia Lab in London, several national and international Startup Competitions and obtained the Certificate of Excellence issued by Horizon 2020.

The team behind the product has decades of experience in remote working and skills related to software development, design, UX (User Experience) and team management. An integral part of the team are expert advisors and investors, such as Jacopo Paoletti: Chief Marketing Officer at Open-Box and Fabio Zecchini: Co-Founder and CTO at Musement.


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