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The Italian marketplace for independent bookstores that brings readers directly to their trusted bookseller's doorstep. Finally a sustainable alternative to large online stores.

  • Global market €93 billion, Italian market €1.7 billion (and only for new books)

  • 50.000+ users and 40,000+ orders, for 100,000+ books sold

  • Innovative aggregative marketplace model with more than 720 bookstores from across Italy

  • Team with long industry experience and cross-functional skills

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When people talk about culture, the first thing that comes to mind is bookstores. Yet despite being considered indispensable landmarks in every neighborhood, independent bookstores are falling one by one under the blows of online giants.

Bookdealer aspires to evolve the work of hundreds of booksellers and booksellers throughout Italy, bringing their passion and daily work online through a next-generation marketplace, an aggregative portal that is quick and inexpensive, plus conveys the value of ethical choice. Thanks to home delivery, carried out directly by booksellers, a modality in which Bookdealer pioneered, the valuable direct relationship with readers is not lost, and the hegemony of large stores is answered with innovation.

The project has received an initial investment from SocialFare Seeds, and is ready to scale a market worth €1.7 billion in Italy alone. Thanks to your input Bookdealer will open up to the sale of used books (a market now worth €850 million), school textbooks and foreign language books, eventually reaching e-books as well. On the horizon is a landing abroad, in countries still lacking an aggregative marketplace (that is, one that brings together on the same platform independent bookstores from all parts of the country, which sell directly without competing with each other but rather, collaborating for the revival of their sector) and with new markets to attack.

The company is led by a young and dynamic team of professionals from the world of publishing and finance, whose in-depth knowledge of the publishing supply chain enables them to respond effectively to the many challenges this project presents.

The bookstore revolution is about to begin: get involved!

Investors who become Early Bird during the "coming soon" period will be entitled to an equity increase of up to 20 percent. In detail: Investment of €19,999.68 or more (equity surcharge approximately 20%); Investment of €249.66 or more (equity surcharge approximately 5%). To take advantage of the early bird benefits, an investment order must be placed during the first 7 days of the campaign.


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