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Bionit Labs

Medical Devices

The most advanced bionic prostheses that turn disabilities into new possibilities.

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BionIT Labs is an innovative startup established in February 2018, developing innovative medical devices by combining information technologies with bionics, with the aim of "Transforming Disabilities into New Possibilities".

The first device under development in BionIT Labs is Adam's Hand, the first fully adaptive bionic prosthesis in the world, based on a mechanism patented in Italy and in patent phase in Europe, USA, China and India, which makes its use extremely simple.

The company is formed by a multidisciplinary team of 13 highly motivated and qualified professionals, including biomedical, mechanical, electronic and computer engineers, graphic designers, legal advisors and experts in finance and business, who have a total of over 50 years of experience and have personally invested € 50 thousand in the project, and is supported by numerous industrial and scientific partners.


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