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The online platform where it is easy, innovative and safe to buy and sell a high-end, authentic and certified bicycle.

  • Hundreds of dream bikes sold in over forty countries around the world

  • Turnover tripled in the second year of activity

  • A certification program that guarantees total safety to those who buy a high-end used bicycle

  • Digital platform for effective dialogue between manufacturers and their customers

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 400 k€

Goal max 500,25 k€

Total Collected

504.986 €




2,1 Mln€

Minimum goal

400 k€

Minimum Order

2 k€



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Project is the online platform where it's easy, innovative and safe to buy and sell a high-end bike, authentic and certified. Bicycles of the best brands, but also used bikes from sellers all over the world and bicycles of professional teams, made available to all fans

The idea stems both from the desire to preserve the strong emotional value of each bike, exploiting the principle of circular economy for a more sustainable planet, and to meet the needs of manufacturers to welcome into their ecosystem new customers so far difficult to reach through their distribution network. With the increasing specialization and global fruition of modern technologies, Bike-room has established a strategic collaboration with the most important Italian manufacturers (De Rosa, Colnago, Cinelli, Pinarello) and professional cycling teams. Together, we have set the goal of systematizing a traditional and unregulated market

Today Bike-room offers an alternative sales channel to marketplaces and non-authoritative forums, suitable to enhance the value of used bikes. Both customers who sell, and customers who buy, are sure to deal with an original bike and certified on a portal authorized by the most important manufacturers. A little over a year after its foundation, the Bike-room team has grown to include professionals with transversal skills convinced by the value of sustainability and reuse of the bicycle, under the motto of "Life is a cycle, second life is an upcycle!"

Technology is an integral and vital part of the whole project. The platform is designed to be the ideal and globally usable medium. The aim is to offer the user a unique digital experience and an active support in the identification and purchase of a high-end product, strongly subject to counterfeiting. The success was immediate. During the first 10 months of 2021 (January-October), turnover tripled compared to the previous year, and the company shipped to more than 40 countries (not only European). About 70% of the transacted business was generated outside Italy, with particular success in Asian and North European markets.

Founded in 2019, and participated by Digital Magics, in December 2020 it concluded a €300k capital increase subscribed by a club deal of business angels and CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione. was therefore born in a period of strong evolution of the bicycle market and in the middle of the boom of re-commerce, with the aim of changing the model of consumption in the field of high-end bicycles. Between now and 2025, it is estimated that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the Bike Industry will be 7.6%., through the collection campaign, aims to become the leading international player in its market segment.

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