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Ami Pokè


First chain of Poké bars in Rome and among the top players in Italy with 6 active stores (and 3 openings in the pipeline) and a 2021 turnover of €2.8M (+200% vs 2020) with EBITDA per store of +26%.

  • Annual Run Rate of €5.5M and EBITDA Margin per store of +26%

  • Opening of the 6 current stores on a completely self-financing basis

  • Omni-channel approach through synergy between high-street stores, food delivery and digital take-away

  • Wide and diversified menu that generates an average receipt of + €18.50

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 1 Mln€

Goal max 1,5 Mln€

Total Collected

1,3 Mln€




10 Mln€

Minimum goal

1 Mln€

Minimum Order

1 k€



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Ami Pokè is the first pokè chain in Rome and among the first players in Italy. We opened in 2018, and in 3 years and a half the company has grown to have an annual run rate of over €5M, with 6 active venues on Rome and 3 in pipeline, all self-financing.



Poké is the perfect dish for new consumer habits. A healthy and tasty option, preferred by Millennials who are increasingly attentive to nutrition but also light and therefore functional for office lunches. In fact, poké has become the most ordered food on food delivery platforms since 2019 and is continuously growing.

Ami Pokè's menu incorporates the biggest trends in the industry: customization, healthy & tasty, food delivery and no waste. Customization is at the heart of the pokés, which customers can compose themselves by choosing their favorite ingredients from a wide range of proteins, fruits, vegetables, sauces and toppings, or by relying on Home Pokés offered by Ami Poké's chefs. The popularity of ingredients such as salmon and avocado, thanks to their light and tasty flavor, nutritional properties and health benefits drive the healthy & tasty choice of Ami Pokè customers.

The poké lends itself easily to a practical setting and is functional for delivery because it does not need to be eaten hot. These strengths have been exploited to create the Virtual Brand Pokè Burger and The Wrap House and to be present with a triple billboard on the main food delivery platforms, which has guaranteed Ami Pokè to be among the top 10 most ordered restaurants on Glovo and Deliveroo.

The menu is based on the principle of zero waste: the raw materials used are versatile and easy to assemble. All the ingredients at the base of the poké are reused to create a wide and diversified offer: tartare, poké burgers, tacos, guacamole y platano, wraps and cheesecakes. A proposal that allows to differentiate from competitors and that guarantees an average receipt of €18.50.

The Ami Pokè stores are located in locations with high commercial density and pedestrian flow that guarantee a strategic presence to preside over the capital's market. The capillarity of the stores, in synergy with the strong presence on food delivery platforms and take-away are the basis of the omni-channel approach that allows to reach the customer everywhere.

All points of sale have a distinctive and recognizable visual design to offer a customer experience in pure West Coast Hawaiian Bar style, to enjoy a pleasant coffee in peace and quiet and experience a moment of relaxation and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Customer and Traction

Revenuesthis year will be €2.8M, up +200% on 2020, with an EBITDA margin per store of 26%. In the last three months of operations alone (September - November 2021), Ami Pokè has billed around €1M with 5 stores in operation and the sixth store in Tiburtina opening since mid-September.


On the Ami Pokè campaign is available the optional service of Free registration for the Investor, as the costs are borne by Ami Pokè.


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Ami Pokè

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