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Air Wines


Air Wines is the first D2C platform that allows wine producers to sell online directly to end consumers, eliminating any intermediary.

  • +400 registered producers and 45 countries served

  • Lower price for the consumer and more marginality for the producer

  • Respect of the product and protection of the quality of Wine

  • Dropshipping model: no stock

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 150 k€

Goal max 300 k€

Total Collected

150.551 €




900 k€

Minimum goal

150 k€

Minimum Order

249,3 €



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Air Wines is the first D2C platform dedicated to the Wine market.

A new sales tool that proposes a win-win solution for both sides of the trade chain:

  • More profit for Producers
  • Lower price for consumers
  • Guarantee of preservation of product quality
  • Cultural and informational interchange between producer and consumer.

A new business model, representing a new philosophy, in a market that until now due to an old business model based on intermediation has penalized both Producers and Consumers.

The biggest innovation of the business model applied by Air Wines is in logistics: thanks to the dropshipping method of shipping, the innovative startup has no warehouse and therefore does not incur any costs related to it.

Air Wines has already collected the 'registration of more than 400 producers and offers more than 2,000 labels from all over Italy, has so far successfully delivered more than 35,000 bottles in 45 countries.

A new Business model applied to a traditional, and traditionalist, market that shows great untapped potential and economic opportunity.

Air Wines aspires to become the first marketplace for Wine Producers around the world.

On the Air Wines campaign, optional Rubricationservice is available for a fee.

On Air Wines, 30% tax breaks apply


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Air Wines

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