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1Control offers a new home arrival experience by making any access system, door or gate smart with an innovative product.

  • Products that blend together to provide a unique home arrival experience

  • Over 55,000 products sold, more than 110,000 users, sales up 30% YoY

  • Value recognized by major international companies including Telepass, Silca, Maserati and Pilomat

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Goal max 1 Mln€

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6,5 Mln€

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150 k€

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238,64 €



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Since 2015, 1Control 's goal has been to create a new home arrival experience and make every access system smart, eliminating the problems associated with the use of keys and radio controls.

1Control creates devices for smart management of openings, such as doors, gates, overhead doors, bars, bollards, etc., using smartphones, smartwatches, voice commands and smart controls in general.

The products are entirely made in Italy, designed to offer extreme ease of installation and to blend in with everyday routines. Security uses the most modern encryption systems and is guaranteed even when there is no Internet connection.

The experience gained over the years has enabled 1Control to have a clear and precise vision of the market and to implement a roadmap of versatile products capable of meeting the needs of different sectors.

1Control's first product is SOLO, a patented smartphone gate opener with the feature of being completely wireless and installable by everyone. SOLO allows people to operate their gate or overhead door smartly, using their phone, smartwatch or a voice command. DORY is the innovative smart lock unique in its ability to overcome the limitations of competing products can be operated with a traditional mechanical key and has a battery life of more than a year. European patent application filed. LINK is the smarthome hub that allows SOLO and DORY devices to be connected to home Wi-Fi and then controlled remotely as well.

A line of products dedicated to the B2B world and a number of recurring-fee SaaS services for web-based access management and customized apps complete the offering.

Today, more than 110,000 people enter the home through the new 1Control experience. The number of products sold throughout Europe has exceeded 55,000, and sales are growing 30 percent year on year. there are 80 partners who have believed in 1Control over time and invested more than 1.6M€ of capital.

In addition, the value of 1Control has been recognized by international companies with whom important partnerships have been formed, including Silca, Pilomat and Telepass.

Telepass, the market leader in automatic highway toll payment systems, has integrated 1Control technology into its next-generation device to enable its customers to open their home gates fully automatically.

Silca, a market leader in key duplication, has selected 1Control SOLO as its own branded OEM product and is currently distributed in the group's hardware stores.

Pilomat, a Hörmann Group company and a leader in gates, garages and doors, has selected 1Control technology to be integrated into all road bollards (first installation A2A Milan in Feb. 2022).

To date, after 5 years since its inception, 1Control is widely recognized for its ability to develop products that are easy to use and especially easy to install, even without professionals.

The company's goal is to become the benchmark in Europe for smart access management and the main supplier of technology to industry-leading companies.

On the 1Control 2 campaign, the optional service of Rubrication free of charge for the Investor as the costs are borne by 1Control

A30 percent tax break applies on 1Control 2

With the AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital ALIcrowd II fund, established by the Azimut Group and managed by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR SpA, Azimut invests in 1Control.


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1Control 2

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