Wear Me: all-female innovation

Wear Me: all-female innovation

25 April 2019





Wear Me is the first Italian brand to design and distribute jackets and coats, adjustable and made with innovative technical materials, which allow mothers and pregnant women to carry their babies with a sling or baby carrier, combining practicality and style for perfect "babywearing".


The experience of CEO & Founder Virginia Scirè has been decisive in the creation of the company and of a solid community that revolves around the world of babywearing.

With a degree in economics, Virginia has been an entrepreneur in the babywearing industry since 2008, when she became a mother while working as a clerk in a finance company.
While she was on maternity leave, the company she worked for moved some of its offices, including her own, about 60 miles away from home, making it impossible to reconcile a newborn, a job and a 200-mile drive every day.
At that point she ended her experience as an employee and after an in-depth analysis of the online market she began selling children's clothing on Ebay.
From this first experience in 2010 she opened her own online store, Allegri Briganti, which in 2012 reached an increase in orders of 280% compared to the same period of the previous year.

She became a reference point and influencer in the field of children's clothing and baby carriers, so much so that in 2015 she created - what is currently the third largest community on Facebook on the subject of carrying, "Didymos Inclusiva" where more than 6200 mothers are currently registered.
Thanks to the management of four communities, for a total of 12,000 thousand targeted members, she manages to design and create products that start from concrete market needs.
The community, which is very participatory and involved, also makes it possible to test the products, collect feedback and quickly and carefully improve the products on the basis of the needs intercepted and expressed.


The cornerstone of Virginia Scirè's path has been personal training, in which she has invested to deepen all aspects related toecommerce and customer satisfaction, working efficiently to put the customer first, facilitating pre and post sales.
Virginia also pays great attention to the selection of the suppliers involved: the choice of working with companies that produce quality garments, responds to the desire of mothers and children dressed in safe garments, without toxic substances and that have a good durability.

The basic concept around which the whole Wear Me line is built is reuse: thanks to the system of inserts designed by Virginia, the garments can be used in everyday life.

Wear Me has sold

  • 1200 jackets
  • 300 coats
  • 300 headbands

garnering 95.2% positive reviews (655 in total) certified on Feedaty, the platform that certifies the authenticity of user comments.


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