20 February 2017





Commonplaces say that what is often lacking in Italy is the mentality and culture of doing business.

The best way to fight clichés, however, are facts, as the University of Bologna does, and in particular its business accelerator Almacube, already a partner of SiamoSoci, manager of the equity crowdfunding platform, as well as the accelerator that followed the path of PerFrutto, one of the successful startups on Mamacrowd.

Thanks to the Erasmus for young Entre preneurs program , Almacube allows cross-border exchange to new entrepreneurs - or aspiring ones - giving the opportunity to learn the secrets of the trade from already established professionals who run small or medium-sized businesses in another affiliated country.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is funded by the European Commission and operates through the collaboration of local contact centres such as AlmaCube active in the business support sector. Thanks to a co-financing, new entrepreneurs can carry out an on-the-job training period from 1 to 6 months with experienced host entrepreneurs from one of the countries participating in the Programme.

In particular, Almacube participates in the Green EYE project that deals with smart building, green tech, waste management, environmental impact reduction, but the team is open to evaluate new potential entrepreneurs (New Entrepreneur) and experienced host entrepreneurs (Host Entrepreneur) related to any other sector or economic activity.

The project ends on January 31, 2018, so all international exchanges must be completed by that date.

More information on the University of Bologna website or directly on the Erasmus project website.

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