Tourism 4.0: the market takes off thanks to digital platforms for short-term rentals

Tourism 4.0: the market takes off thanks to digital platforms for short-term rentals

15 January 2019





Rentopolis is the digital platform that manages properties and prestigious structures for short term rentals, tourism and business, in Italy and abroad.
It was recently selected by Google to participate in the Hipo strategic and operational marketing program, reserved for the 15 highest potential companies in the world.

The Rentopolis campaign has already collected € 200 thousand of endorsements, reaching 200% overfunding > discover the campaign and invest

That of luxury short rentals is a fast-growing market, as also witnessed by AirBnB, which has just obtained a financing of $1 billion, strong with a turnover of $2.6 billion in 2017, hosting over 400 million people since 2008.
The American giant is expanding its business model in two ways:

  • by forging partnerships with major premium property players such as Australia's Luxico
  • by entering the property management market with the acquisition of startups such as Luxury Retreats, a Canadian platform for short term rentals of luxury homes, and Luckey Homes, which has 1,500 apartments in France and Canada and offers property owners an all-inclusive service.

The Travel market in Italy presents very interesting metrics from an economic point of view:

  • 91 million arrivals registered in 2017, +6% compared to 2016 (Source: Bank of Italy);
  • 55 billion Euros the estimated turnover of the Italian Travel market at the end of 2017, +4% compared to 2016 (Source: PoliMI);
  • 7 million vacant properties in Italy in 2017 (Source:, about 22.5% of homes.


Rentopolis fits into this market by addressing two targets:

  1. Property owners who want to rent out their homes maximizing occupancy rates and returns while minimizing management burdens.
  2. Property Managers, who currently manage about 25,000 homes and who have the main need to interact in a smart way with the major players in the industry in order to devote themselves to commercial action.

Rentopolis' network is constantly expanding thanks to the partnerships entered into with over 40 accommodation distribution channels such as AirBnB, Trivago, Expedia, Booking, Kayak and TripAdvisor, and aims to reach 700 managed apartments within 3 years.

The company recently surpassed 400 managed units:

  • Italy, with about 180 apartments, in Milan and others in some of the most renowned tourist locations such as Sanremo, Cefalù, Lake Como, Versilia and the Emerald Coast;
  • Miami, with 90 housing solutions;
  • Dubai, with approximately 60 homes.

OnMonday 21 January 2019 at 6pm, Stefano Bettanin, CEO & Founder of Rentopolis, will be live to present the company and to answer investors' questions > book your place at the webinar

Discover the Rentopolis campaign and invest

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