Advanced information technologies and bionics to overcome disabilities: it's BionIT Labs

Advanced information technologies and bionics to overcome disabilities: it's BionIT Labs

01 July 2019





BionIT Labs designs and develops innovative bionic prostheses that combine advanced computer technology with bionics.
The first product of the company is Adam's Hand, the first fully adaptive hand prosthesis in the world, able to automatically adapt to the shape and size of the objects held.

A few days after the launch, has already exceeded the first goal of collection, reaching € 108 thousand of adhesions.


Adam's Hand is based on a revolutionary proprietary hardware mechanism that makes it extremely easy to use. Unlike the devices of competitors already on the market, which use from 5 to 6 motors for the movement of the fingers and are able to manage a limited number of preset grips limiting the activities of the user, Adam's Hand uses a single engine to move all the fingers of the prosthesis and, through machine learning algorithms, automatically performs the most appropriate grip for each object to be grasped reproducing a unique experience similar to a real limb.
The innovative technology developed by BionIT Labs is patented in Italy and is in the patent phase in Europe, USA, China and India.

The bionic devices developed by BionIT Labs respond to a specific need of a target unfortunately widespread: in the world there are over 3 million amputees of upper limb and every year more than 100 thousand people lose the use of the upper limb, for a potential need of over 500 thousand devices per year. Precisely because of this need, the market for bionic prostheses is growing rapidly: today it is worth $300 million and is expected to reach $600 million in 2027.


The company can count on a highly specialized and motivated team with over 50 years of experience, which has personally invested in the project € 50milaper technological development and its validation. Since March 2019, G-Factor, the incubator-accelerator of Fondazione Golinelli, one of the most important Italian philanthropic foundations, has joined the company structure with an investment of€ 90 thousand, bringing the skills and network necessary to enter the market.


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