StartUp, the TV series about Bitcoin

StartUp, the TV series about Bitcoin

08 September 2016





Crackle, Sony's streaming platform, has released StartUp, the TV series dedicated to the creation of a new cryptocurrency called Gencoin, with a clear reference to Bitcoin.
The first reviews on generalist and specialized sites are not enthusiastic, although it seems interesting the will to continue in the wake of scripts focused on the themes of innovation and startups (during the summer the third season of Silicon Valley was aired on Sky Atlantic).
The protagonists of StartUp are three characters who try to finance the creation and diffusion of a cryptocurrency, GenCoin, using dirty money.
On the content aspects, the reference to Bitcon dynamics seems evident: the production, in order to protect the more technical aspects, involved Brian Stoeckert, a consultant of Stratis Advisory, expert in risk management and money laundering.
The series was shot in Puerto Rico but is set in Miami and "was born out of a desire to explore the darker side of startups and the hi-tech community to get at the intersection of technology and crime but also of different cultures," explained creator Ben Ketai.
The cold judgment of the first insiders are mainly about some stereotypes built around the profiles of the characters (played by Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Edi Gatteggi among others) and their activities at the crossroads between innovation and subversive and illegal intentions.
We leave you with the trailer to start getting into the mood of StartUp.

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