Startups on the rise in 2022

Startups on the rise in 2022

29 August 2022




Italy's industrial fabric is confirmed to be in turmoil. There are 14,362 innovative startups registered in the special section of the Business Register in the first quarter of 2022, a +2 percent increase over the previous quarter. This is the first relevant figure to emerge from the report updated as of April 1, 2022 and prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with Unioncamere, InfoCamere and Mediocredito Centrale, which attests to the positive growth trend recorded as early as 2021.


But what are the main sectors of activity?

The report tells us that 75.8 percent of innovative startups provide business services (among them: software production and IT consulting, 38.8 percent; R&D activities, 14.4 percent; information services activities, 8.8 percent), 16 percent operate in manufacturing (out of all: manufacture of machinery, 2.9 percent, manufacture of computers and electronic and optical products, 2.2 percent), while 3 percent operate in trade.


Social composition

In terms of social composition, the increase in the presence of women stands out: 43.4 percent of innovative startups and SMEs have at least one woman in the corporate structure. While 16.9% of the total are founded by people under 35.


Startups on the Italian territory

With 27 percent of the national total, Lombardy is the region that hosts the largest number of innovative companies. And 2,720 startups are active in Milan alone, weighing 18.9 percent of the total. Next in the ranking, in first and second place respectively, are Lazio (12 percent) and Campania (9.2 percent).


Some numbers

The currently available budget data for 2020 cover 60 percent of startups registered as of April 1, 2022: 8,618 out of 14,362. Among the innovative startups thus circumscribed, the average value of production per company in fiscal year 2020 is just over €178.4 thousand, which is up from the previous quarter (about €2.2 thousand more). Average assets are just over €408.9 thousand per innovative startup, a figure almost unchanged from the previous survey. Considering, finally, total production, it amounts to €1.5mln a figure €6.8mln higher than that recorded at the end of the previous quarter.


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