SmartMicroOptics in France and Spain

SmartMicroOptics in France and Spain

15 March 2019






Growing numbers and news for SmartMicroOptics, the spin-off of the Italian Institute of Technology that produces the world's thinnest high quality lenses to transform smartphones and tablets into portable digital microscopes.
The project has exceeded 100% of the collection, collecting € 85 thousand of adhesions.


In the first two months of 2019, SmartMicroOptics turned over € 63 thousand, recording a 217% growth compared to the same period last year.

The company is not only growing, but also receiving positive technical opinions on its innovative lenses: Stéphanie Patouraux, a doctor at theUniversity Hospital of Nice who has already published 48 research papers in the field of pathology, with over 2700 readings, commented thus on the prototype of the new DIPLE product, which will be launched on the market soon: "As a pathologist, I work daily with microscopes. I have tested the DIPLE system and it is simple to use: just attach the lenses and, after a quick focus, you can start observing. The quality of the images is the same as with microscopes and you can also take great photos. A system that can also be used for laboratory observations in clinics that do not have microscopes".


The new Diple model joins the 4 types of lenses, the Blips, already produced by the company and has unprecedented optical magnification and portability features, arriving to analyze red blood cells and bacteria, thanks to the extraordinary magnification capacity up to about 1000x.

SmartMicroOptics has also sold a supply of lenses to the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, an important Spanish centre that counts more than 27 research groups, 15 technological units and more than 500 researchers and technicians.


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