Scuter, a new sustainable mobility

Scuter, a new sustainable mobility

21 December 2016





Scuter reaches 60% of the collection: found more than 90,000 euros thanks to 16 new members.Go to the campaign.

Every year a Roman citizen spends 93 hours in traffic, 101 hours in London.

This is why we have been talking about sharing mobility for a long time and why the administrations of big cities are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to manage mobility. The urban mobility market counts, in Europe alone, 32.5 million people for a value of 65 billion euros.

Sustainable mobility. It's data like these that pave the way for sustainable mobility, and ways of getting around that have less energy and economic impact thanks to the non-use of private vehicles. It is precisely in this direction that the startup Scuter was born, which has created a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed for shared use.


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Innovation. The vehicle, thanks to the seat belt, the cover and the three wheels, allows the use without helmet, keeping the driver safe both in case of accident and bad weather; the design of the vehicle has been registered at the OAMI (Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market) for protection throughout the European Union. A patent application has already been filed for the front tilting steering suspension.
The innovation, however, is not only in the middle: Scuter, in fact, is Smart as it is always connected to the cloud. On board there is a tablet that makes several services accessible to the driver, such as indicating alternative routes to traffic and signaling changes in traffic signals. This always-connected platform will be open over time to the development of applications by third parties, such as infotainment or personal shopping assistant, according to the possible responses of the brands.

How it works. Scuter is designed for shared mobility: you can park it anywhere and pay for it only for the time it is used. The potential driver then books the vehicle through his smartphone. Once the trip is over, the receipt of the rental is immediately sent via email to the user. The vehicle, once free, is ready for a new route.


With Mamacrowd you can become a member of Scuter now.

The model. Scuter's goal is to target the B2B market, rentingsmall fleets of vehicles to companies for the use they require: deliveries, company fleets for employees (also as fringe benefits), operational and work vehicles. The fact of having companies as the first potential customers allows Scuter tohave a less complex and less expensive operational organization.In this way, the companies themselves will take care of communication and user affiliation, but also of battery recharging.

The advantages of the Scuter model therefore involve all players in the industry:

  • the companies thanks to an economic and sustainable mobility solution;
  • the municipalities with the reduction of cars and pollution at zero cost;
  • the citizens who cut costs and travel time by 50%.

The path so far. Scuter was "officially presented" to the public for the first time at Maker Fair 2015, winning the "Maker of Merit" award. The 5 co-founders first attracted the attention of 7 business angels, then won the INCENSe call for proposals under the European Commission's Cleantech FIWARE program, receiving a 150k Euro funding.

Now they are ready to open up to new partners, thanks to the equity crowdfunding campaign with which they are seeking 150,000 Euros. With the funds raised, the team intends to acquire new talent, both in sales and development. Other goals to be achieved will be the completion of the sales plan and the implementation of on-board and platform technologies. In the long term, the company's goal is to export the service to China and America by 2020, reaching 30 thousand vehicles on the road.


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