Mamacrowd's two real estate exits: G311 and Millequaranta - Milan

Mamacrowd's two real estate exits: G311 and Millequaranta - Milan

08 August 2023







This summer, Mamacrowd investors are seeing significant returns on their investments materialize for believing in the equity crowdfunding platform's projects.

As we have mentioned several times in our investment guides, one of the ROI possibilities for the investor is the exit, in this case we are talking about real estate exit.

What is a real estate exit?

Exit represents a fundamental concept within the world of equity crowdfunding, both for startups and SMEs and for a real estate project. It is the moment when investors can withdraw their funds, realizing a return on previously invested capital. Typically, the real estate exit occurs following the sale of the property being invested in and the liquidation of the special purpose entity that had purchased it. Investors benefit from their share of the profit, based on the percentage stake they acquired in the project sponsor company.

The case of G311 and Millequaranta - Milan

Mamacrowd recently celebrated the first two real estate exits related to the G311 and Millequaranta - Milan projects.

Both real estate projects were successfully concluded through the sale of all planned apartments, thus triggering the liquidation procedure typical for any successful real estate project upon completion of the set goal.

In particular, the Via Gallarate Milan project was completed in 33 months, meeting the estimated schedule with a slight delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the progress of the works. The project had started in 2020 and demonstrated a remarkable performance with an ROI of 22% for B-shares and 19% for C-shares. All investors who had placed their trust in G311 thus benefited from a return on investment and the projected returns, confirming the effectiveness of equity crowdfunding as an investment tool in the real estate sector.

The Millequaranta - Milan project, which began in December 2021, is also in the exit phase. It is expected to provide investors with a 15 percent ROI within an 18-month period.

More successes thanks to Locatelli's campaign

We would like to report one more success, completed just a few days ago with the Florence Locatelli project. This campaign in fact reached its ambitious goal of raising € 1 million in just a few hours, closing in less than 48 hours with € 1.3 million raised and 136 investors. The success achieved is undoubtedly linked to several elements:

  • the particularly attractive duration of the project (only 12 months),
  • the progress of the construction site already 50% completed,
  • the sale of all the apartments
  • the flagship of the developer, AD Casa.

The latter, who is very active and well-known in Tuscany, certainly contributed to the success of the campaign.

We believe that the coincidence with the exit of the G311 project is also not to be outdone, which has further strengthened investor confidence, confirming the validity and reliability of our projects.

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