Social and health services and qualified professionals just a click away

Social and health services and qualified professionals just a click away

19 April 2019





EpiCura is the digital platform dedicated to health, which allows you to book health and social services quickly and easily, all year round.
The professionals of EpiCura reach the patient where he needs it most, at the time he prefers.

Epicura is already overfunded: more than € 640,000 has been raised from 80 investors.


EpiCura was born out of an important demographic and market trend : Italy is the second oldest country in the world after Japan, with 168 elderly people for every 100 young people, and the over-65 age group is constantly increasing and set to double in the next 25 years.

The medical sector is governed by outdated logic, which leads to very long waiting times, poor organization and inconvenience.

For these reasons, private medical spending is exploding and it is expected that the National Health Service (SSN) will - progressively - deal only with emergencies and particularly serious cases, leaving citizens with the burden of their ordinary health management.
Every year in Italy about €40 billion is spent on private healthcare, a figure that is expected to grow by 35% over the next 6 years.
At the same time, the adoption of digital technologies in the healthcare field is increasingly widespread (the e-health market is growing by 16% per year and will triple in value by 2022).

mercato-epicuraThe traditional solutions currently on the market not only do not offer timely intervention but are also unable to respond to the real needs of the patient, who wants to receive intervention where and when he needs it most.

In Italy, in fact, there are few market operators able to exploit the potential of the digital economy and to guarantee at the same time proximity to families, safety of the service, 24/7 assistance, control over professionals and widespread distribution throughout the territory.
For this reason, there is a significant slice of demand that remains unsatisfied: just over 50% of seniors are reached by care services already present on the market, while 92% of families purchase care services privately for their elderly and frail family members.

Moreover, in such a fragmented and opaque market the patient may develop the fear of running into abusive and unqualified professionals.
An equally unfavorable scenario is that of health professionals, who are hardly able to open their own practice, and often remain tied to medical centers and outpatient clinics with unprofitable conditions.

metriche-epicuraEpiCura fits exactly into this scenario: the company combines the scalability and potential of digital with the organization, quality and security of a traditional business.

In the last year EpiCura's turnover has grown by 30% per month, generating bookings for more than €15,000 per month, 30% of which from patients who repurchase.


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