Perfrutto, precision fruit farming in equity crowdfunding on Mamacrowd

Perfrutto, precision fruit farming in equity crowdfunding on Mamacrowd

15 November 2016





PerFrutto's equity crowdfunding flies: thanks to 33 investors, the startup exceeds its funding goal and reaches 359%. You can still invest, go to the campaign.

The equity crowdfunding campaign of PerFrutto is online on Mamacrowd. The startup proposes an innovative system of precision measurement for fruit growing, helping producers to increase the harvest and optimize the yield.

The heart of PerFrutto is a real technological innovation, born from the studies of some professors and researchers of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna. The technology designed is able to predict in advance and accurately the amount of fruit at harvest and the number of fruits for each class and size.

A simple piece of data is enough to understand how overwhelming the novelty brought to the world of fruit farming can be:

PerFrutto makes it possible to increase profit per hectare by up to 40%.What changes. PerFrutto helps producers increase the harvest and optimize the sale of their orchards. The key is the integrated system that allows to predict in advance and accurately, the amount of fruit at harvest and the number of fruits for each size class. Thanks to PerFrutto the producer has asystem based on scientific elements that allows him to obtain the best commercial result possible in the geographical and climatic conditions of his orchard.

In fact, fruit producers need to improve the productivity of their orchards not only by obtaining greater quantities of product, but also by obtaining the size most demanded by the market: the specific sizes, by the way, can change from one country to another, but only by knowing them at an early stage is it possible to intervene in the orchard to modify the expected results.

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Triple technology, one result: the right one. All of the startup's technology is completely proprietary. In particular, there are three components that allow PerFrutto to predict and consequently improve the growth of fruits. The proprietary technology consists of three elements. The Calibit, is the only "physical" element; it is a digital caliper with memory that measures and stores data, then there are the database built over years of surveys carried out in multiple climatic and cultural conditions, and the proprietary algorithm, which completes and processes the data collected with the Calibit.

Precision fruit growing. The fruit growing market, in the world, counts 4.5 million hectares. In 2015, PerFrutto monitored 350 of them (dedicating to apple and pear trees) distributed among Italy, France and Spain: the 2016 turnover expects a 40% increase compared to 2015, with a measurement of at least 500 hectares. The company is carrying out measurements in Morocco, Uruguay and Australia. The Agtech sector in the United States in 2015 raised investments of 4.6 billion dollars, almost twice as much as in 2014.

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PerFrutto has opened an equity crowdfunding campaign seeking €70,000. The team's goal is the technological improvement of Calibit, the involvement of new professionals in the team and the development of a sales and marketing system and to strengthen its business in the international arena. Since it is an innovative startup, the investment on PerFrutto provides the new tax deductions at 30% for both individuals and legal entities:

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To support Mamacrowd's first startup operating in the agri-food sector, come and visit PerFrutto's profile on Mamacrowd.

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