Why rubricate quotas?

Why rubricate quotas?

05 August 2021




Equity crowdfunding is a quick and easy way to acquire shares in a company. But what do you do when you decide to sell them? Or to buy them from other investors? To date there is no dedicated market, you can do it privately, going to meet, however, heavy burdens due to the need to pass by a notary or an accountant. This step is not necessary if you choose to authorize the registration of shares to third parties during the investment process.

What is the alternative share registration scheme?

This is the possibility to register and transfer to third parties, shares of limited liability companies subscribed through equity crowdfunding portals.

This system, also known as "rubrication", facilitates the exchange/sale of the shares held by investors and is an "alternative" to the ordinary one, which requires instead to contact a notary or an accountant.

How it works

Rubrication allows the investor to sell with a considerable saving of time and money.

The investor authorizes the registration of the subscribed shares to an authorized intermediary, with whom the portal where they are buying has previously signed a special agreement. In the case of Mamacrowd this is Directa S.I.M.p.A, the first telematic broker born in Italy. The ownership of the shares remains in any case in the hands of the investor but Directa will appear in the Chamber of Commerce of the company, instead of the same.

To whom can I sell?

There is the possibility to sell the shares subscribed to all those who are members of Directa SIM, regardless of the portal where they were acquired.

Directa Sim is in fact a secondary market, to which all members belong. For this reason, the purchase and sale of company shares does not involve costs, since they are transfers of shares within the same Sim, and does not require notarial acts.

...What about deductions?

The rubrication does not interfere with the possibility to take advantage of the fiscal facilitations, if present. The investor can request them even if he has registered the share with Directa Sim. The company itself will send the document needed to take advantage of the tax benefits, which refer to the year after the year of registration of the investor in the Register of Members, in the Chamber of Commerce.

What are the advantages?

In addition to saving time and money, an important advantage is the anonymity of the investor, who will not appear in the list of shareholders filed with the Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Directa SIM within the Rubrication Service, for individuals only, is a tax withholding agent.

What does this mean? After receiving the earnings earned on behalf of investors who have activated the Alternative Regime (distributed profits, proceeds from the sale of shares...), Directa Sim applies on their behalf the taxes required by current tax legislation and transfers the amounts directly to the investor, net of tax due. This service is available to individuals with tax residence in Italy.

It is always at the discretion of the company in collection the decision to give the possibility of Rubrication (Alternative Regime) or maintain only the "Ordinary Regime".

Discover the projects that apply the rubrication, look for the label "SIM" above the name of the company, within the page dedicated to the campaign:


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