14 April 2017


It's news just a few hours ago. Expedia, a leading online booking company, has invested $1 billion in virtual reality because it believes in its potential. "We're investing in research in different aspects of the technology and the reason we're doing it is because when you look at disruptive products, the start is gradual and then all of a sudden the disruption happens. If you're not already thinking about it, it's then hard to adapt," said Arthur Chapin, vice president of Expedia.

AmbiensVR sensed the potential of the real tool and based its entire business on the new communication paradigm. The startup, which has reached 74% of the funding on Mamacrowd and has already raised more than 132,000 euros, brings architecture and design into virtual reality, creating interactive environments available on smartphones. The goal: to revolutionize project communication, offering a unique, immersive and interactive perspective in virtual environments.

Discover the AmbiensVR campaign

In recent weeks AmbiensVR has expanded its network and strengthened its business, thanks also to the great attention of investors and the interest generated by the equity crowdfunding campaign.

In particular is forming new partnerships with some important players including a company among the top 10 furniture manufacturers in Italy; an Italian leader in turnkey renovations; Invata Intralogistics, the American company that designs and manufactures production plants for a partnership project on a plant of 33,000 square meters; a manufacturer of software for structural calculations and BIM (Building Information Modelling).

It also managed about 50 quotes for a total value of €150,000.

Let's not forget the framework in which AmbiensVR is inserted. The worldwide virtual reality market will be worth 24 billion dollars by 2019; at the same time, the market for professional graphic design software will be worth about 16 billion dollars. In the page dedicated to AmbiensVR it is possible to consult all the technical documentation to deepen the project and invest completely online.

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