The collection of Gromia, the startup that revolutionizes the real estate market, begins

The collection of Gromia, the startup that revolutionizes the real estate market, begins

04 November 2016




Gromia has reached 17% of the campaign, finding 21 new members. Go to the campaign.

Gromia, the startup created to manage and rent houses and rooms on a medium and long term basis between individuals, has opened its campaign on our platform.

The company does not operate as a simple intermediary between landlords and tenants, but is aimed at those who own one or more houses and intend to rent them for medium to long periods, proposing itself as a digital platform for the management of real estate payments. At the same time, Gromia allows tenants to easily find a home and facilitate relations with the property owner.

The real estate rental market in Italy is still poorly digitized and Gromia operates in individual cities, particularly Milan and Rome, to take advantage of their housing density.

Gromia operates in two markets, developing parallel businesses: transactions and property management. In Milan, the volume of this market is given by approximately 101,000 homes rented annually. Calculating the possible revenue for each transaction equal to 598 euros, the potential market amounts to approximately 60 million euros. Similarly, the estimated market in Rome is about 75 million.

Thanks to the crowdfunding, Gromia plans to bring its service also in Turin and Bologna and to enter the European market starting from Madrid, and then expand to other countries from 2019.

As for the property management, that is the intervention in the administrative and financial management, the figures are calculated on average market values applying a fee of 5% (against 10% of the agencies) and estimates touch 97 million euros, 152 in Rome.

Gromia's service has been operational since January 2015: in months, 67,000 users have searched or offered their home on Gromia, for a total of 2300 apartments. Over time, the turnover has grown by 45% thanks to 124 successfully concluded transactions.

From today you too you can invest on GromiaGromia is the easiest way to rent houses and rooms online in the medium and long term.