Plan your holiday with social travelling

Plan your holiday with social travelling

20 July 2016





The weeks leading up to the departure for the holidays are intense. Whether the destination has been chosen well in advance or at the last moment in these days we are busy defining the itinerary, more or less precise, which will see us busy visiting new or little known cities and countries.

We document ourselves on the web, through local websites and specialized portals, we buy paper tourist guides, we ask friends who are experts in this or that destination. Visits to museums, parks, trips out of town, dinners in the best restaurants and purchases in the most fashionable shops are all concentrated on the objective of experiencing to the full all that the chosen destination has to offer.

In addition to the traditional organizational methods, this summer it is possible to use an alternative way to discover places you don't know and original ideas to live the best days of your holiday: the startup YAMGU, which is part of the portfolio of Club Italia Investimenti 2 in which you can invest starting from 100 euro, proposes a model of social travelling, allowing you to build itineraries through trends and directions of social network communities, thanks to the integration of open data and user generated content.

The 3,200 Italian destinations are joined by the main European cities, including London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Madrid, offering the possibility of creating, in a few simple steps, personalised itineraries and avoiding getting lost.
YAMGU, acronym of You Are My Guide, is able to interact with social trends, suggesting places of interest and events in real time.

"Travelling 3.0, in a social way, is an opportunity for those who want to discover the cities with the advice of those who live them every day, without wasting time with long searches on the web or without filling the suitcase with heavy paper guides explained Ester Liquori, co-founder of YAMGU. The idea came from a personal need, as a traveler: YAMGU is a real local guide that allows you to organize your tourist itinerary in a few steps".

The novelty for all those who want to use the service during summer 2016 is the integration of the platform with two other services, in the new Experience section: you can integrate your itinerary with the culinary proposals of Gnammo, the largest and most active Italian social eating portal, and the travel experiences of Viator, one of the largest providers of local experience recently acquired by the Tripadvisor group.

But that's not the only novelty, because YAMGU has also begun to expand into the B2B sector by proposing a white label version of the digital concierge, which hotels will be able to make available to their customers by improving the travelers' experience.

Mamacrowd, the equity crowdfunding platform managed by SiamoSoci, gives the opportunity to invest in YAMGU starting from 100 euros through the public offering of Club Italia Investimenti 2, the Club that includes a portfolio of 64 highly innovative startups.

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