Midori: data analytics and machine learning for energy analysis

Midori: data analytics and machine learning for energy analysis

28 July 2018





Midori is an innovative technology SME specialized in the development of proprietary solutions, based on data analytics and machine learning, aimed at companies and citizens for energy analysis. It has already raised over 135,000 euro > discover the campaign and invest

The company's flagship technology is Ned, theonly energy assistant that can be installed simply and automatically, without the need for expensive and invasive installers. Ned, the result of 4 years of research and development in the field of machine learning, provides precise and detailed energy data that allows you to understand how energy is used, offering the possibility to save money and avoid unnecessary waste. In particular, Ned is able to

  • detect in real time and with extreme precision the energy consumption of individual appliances;
  • forecast the trend of monthly bills;
  • propose customised offers for each specific home;
  • intercept anomalies in the behaviour of household appliances;
  • report possible faults in advance.


Midori is the first Italian player able to create large quantities of high quality data, allowing the company to intercept energy waste, which in Italy alone is worth 4 billion euros. Most of the waste is caused by inefficiencies in the use of household appliances, due in turn to people's lack of awareness of consumption. In fact,89% of users say they do not know how much they consume and therefore how they could save money: a veryrich and promising marketfor the company, in addition to a 30% increase in energy demand expected by 2024.

The company not only responds to the needs of the B2C market, but also to the growing needs of the more than 500 energy supply companies to have an ever-increasing profiling of users and therefore looking for high quality data databases through which they can develop new business models to be able to project themselves into the future.


The innovative solutions developed by Midori are the result of over 20 years of experience in the research and development of advanced algorithms. Experience of a team composed of engineers, computer developers and researchers from the Polytechnic of Turin.

Midori can also count on a solid reputation, strengthened by seven years of active collaboration with top-level companies in the energy sector, and its products have already been validated and adopted by major players such as Liquigas, RePower, Iren and Evolvere.

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