Martha's Cottage: a success story for Google

Martha's Cottage: a success story for Google

20 December 2018





How do you innovate one of the most traditional sectors such as weddings?
Martha's Cottage's answer is an e-commerce that, with more than 5000 items on sale, brings together in a single one-stop-shop all the styles, trends and accessories related to the world of weddings.

Martha's Cottage'sturnover is constantly growing, even abroad, and it also boasts very good performances in terms of customer acquisition, so much so that it has been cited as a success story by Google Ads.
With a careful combined strategy between the search network and Google Shopping, an area of Google Ads dedicated to those who want to promote their site and increase conversions on the shop, Martha's Cottage has had - from year to year a marked improvement in sales, containing acquisition costs and increasing brand awareness.

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These are the main results of the marketing synergy between Google and Martha's Cottage:

  • -67% cost per acquisition on the Google search network;
  • +141% of customers on Google Shopping;
  • +37% return on investment in advertising on Shopping.

"Google is not just an acquisition channel for us, but a tool to make our brand known and increase the value of our reputation in Italy and Europe", commented Salvatore Cobuzio, CEO & founder of the company.


In the last 2 years, Martha's Cottage's turnover has grown from € 560 thousand in 2016 to € 1.1 million in 2017 and is looking abroad, with a projection to reach85% by 2020: in fact, Martha's Cottage is already a leader in the French, Spanish and German markets.
Founded at the end of 2013, Martha's Cottage has over 40 thousand bridal customers in 9 countries in Europe and sells products for more than 150 weddings a day.

A huge competitive advantage of Martha's Cottage is its ability to operate with 3 distinct business models: B2C, B2B2C and B2B.

  • B2C: caters directly to couples, who browse the site looking for inspiration to make their wedding unforgettable.
  • B2B2C: it is dedicated to operators in the sector, such as event venues, who have access to a reserved business area with exclusive products and prices;
    This segment guarantees a longer Life Time Value than private customers because the frequency of purchases is higher (with at least 6-10 purchases per year);
  • B2B: this is aimed at other operators in the sector: such as wedding planners, photographers, etc., who have a personalised advertising space on the site that is renewed every year.

About 20% of revenues come from the B2B and B2B2C section, and the data analysis done by the company shows a high rate of customer loyalty , which continue to use the portal even after the wedding.
Also thanks to this, Martha's Cottage can boast a very important average shopping cart, worth more than 410€.


Another strong point for Martha's Cottage is the value of its database, which includes the data of new families, around which many businesses revolve.

For this reason, brands such as Barilla, OVS, Tannico, Lanieri, Tempur have chosen to activate exclusive partnerships with Martha's Cottage to promote their products/services through temporary stores, sample packs, newsletters etc.

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