Your smartphone becomes a microscope

Your smartphone becomes a microscope

10 February 2019






What if your smartphone turned into a microscope, simply by attaching ultra-advanced lenses to the camera?

Giving everyone the tools to explore the microscopic world is the mission ofSmartMicroOptics.


Born as a spin-off of the Italian Institute of Technology, the company produces the world's thinnest high quality lenses, only 1.6mm, which can be used both for macro photography and microscopy, simply by applying them to the smartphone camera.

These lenses, with theirexceptional magnification power, make affordable the adoption of microscopes for educational use, facilitating studies and research thanks to their exceptional magnification power, combined with an excellent cost / performance ratio.

SmartMicroOptics develops and produces 5 types of lenses, marketed under the name of Blips, to be combined with smartphones and tablets, turning them into macro cameras or portable digital microscopes.

istruzioni-smo4 types of lenses have useful applications in the medical and educational fields; from 2019 SmartMicroOptics lenses - with the market launch of the 5th model - will be sold associated with medical devices.

  • Blips Macro Plus, with an optical magnification of 5x, turn any smartphone into a macro camera and allow you to get very defined images of insects, flowers, small objects;
  • BlipsMacro: with an optical magnification of 10x, are precision lenses that allow the self-check of moles, skin or nails;
  • BlipsMicro: are the first step towards microscopy on smartphones, and are able to recognize very small details, up to 4.5 microns in size;
  • BlipsUltra: they turn the smartphone into a real microscope, reaching a recognition of details of about 3.5 microns with a magnification of 33x;
  • Diple: coming in 2019, Diple lenses have unprecedented optical magnification and portability features, coming to analyze red blood cells and bacteria, thanks to the extraordinary magnification capabilities up to about 1000x.

To date SmartMicroOptics can count 3 exclusive international patent applications, 2 registered trademarks and over 15,000 international customers, mainly from Italy, UK, Germany, USA, Japan, UAE, India.


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