Innovation, the weapon of success in equity crowdfunding

Innovation, the weapon of success in equity crowdfunding

26 July 2021







Innovation. This word full of meaning, which suggests an optimistic vision of the near future, is the trademark of many of the startups and SMEs that have chosen and choose Mamacrowd to conduct and promote their equity crowdfunding campaigns. From Prometheus with its patches able to halve the healing time of wounds, to Out of specializing in new generation sports optics, up to Airlite , the patented technology that sanitizes the air in environments. Different sectors and companies, but united by the common thread of technological transformation.

Just the last mentioned Airlite, in campaign on Mamacrowd in 2019 with a 900 thousand euro collection, in recent days has risen in the national news for its new product: the paint effective against COVID-19. The research conducted with the BLS3 Laboratory of the General Inspectorate of Military Health "Celio" shows, in fact, how the application of the Airlite product on the surfaces allows to neutralize the virus Sars-CoV2 in just 15 minutes, without generating genetic changes and leaving them continuously sanitized. To confirm the effectiveness of Airlite, laboratory tests were carried out on other virus families. The research and tests have been made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Military Health Service, which has made its resources and professionalism available.

"Patented in over 50 countries with 19 international certifications, Airlite is a technology incorporated into a mineral paint in a completely natural way, without using chemicals or biocides", explains Massimo Bernardoni, co-founder and Director of Research and Development of the company, in interviews released to the press in recent days. "Thanks to the energy of light and the presence of moisture in the air, it creates a barrier of oxidants that decomposes harmful organic substances, transforming them into harmless substances." In addition to neutralizing viruses and bacteria, Airlite reduces toxic pollutants in the air, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde.

In short, Airlite seems to be an effective tool for dynamic sanitization against the presence of viruses and bacteria in the home as well as in offices, schools and hospitals, at a time as particular as the present.

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