Linky, the world's first folding electric skateboard

Linky, the world's first folding electric skateboard

22 January 2019





Linky Innovation, a company operating in the field of electric mobility, has produced the world's first foldable electric skateboard, with aproprietary technology patented in the USA, Europe and China. Just a few days after the launch, it has already reached its first fundraising goal, raising over€70,000> discover the campaign and invest

The companywith a team with a technical background in the automotive and military sectors, has already sold700 pieces in30 countries and has established partnerships withstrategic distributors in the USA, UK, Netherlands. In Japan, the partner is JD Japan, which holds70% of the Japanese market for skateboards and non-electric scooters.


The startup has positioned itself on the market through a successful crowdfunding reward campaign on Indiegogo that allowed it to sell the first300 pieces for a total of€ 250,000 of funding and receive positive feedback frominternational customers, including journalists, experts and influencers.

Linky's technology is an innovative and cutting-edge solution for thegrowing personal mobilitymarket, particularly for short distances - the so-called last mile - which will be worth$33B by 2026 with a CAGR of+17.26%.


The electric skateboardovercomes the limitations of current products on the market in terms of size, footprint, portability issues, safety and difficulty of use.

Check out Linky's campaign and invest

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