Linky conquers Japan

Linky conquers Japan

15 February 2019





Linky, the foldable electric skateboard sold worldwide, strengthens its presence in the Japanese market, by signing an important agreement with Yodobashi Camera, one of the most important consumer electronics chains in Japan.
Just one month after the launch, it has already exceeded its first collection goal, reaching 132% overfunding.


Thanks to the agreement, Linky will be distributed in the 23 big stores, the Japanese "Harrods" of electronics, of the Japanese giant, which in recent years has developed an online shopping platform that aims to become the largest in Japan, second only to Amazon. The collaboration with Yodobashi Camera and the presence on its online platform represents for Linky aunique opportunity of growth, in terms of visibility and penetration on the Japanese market.

An important result obtained especially thanks to the strategic collaboration with JD Razor, leader in the sale of sports items and vehicles related to mobility, which holds about 70% of the market in this sector, and thanks to the recent participation to the international fair Tokyo Gift Show, the biggest trade fair in Japan, an important showcase for Linky's products.


Linky's is theonly electric skateboard in the world distributed by JD Razor, which placed an initial order of 200 pieces in 2018.

"Our typical customer is attracted by products that stand out for their strong technological content and uniqueness. Linky, thanks to its folding system, has an unquestionable added value compared to all other electric skateboards. This is even more evident in a society like the Japanese one, where the respect of public spaces, more and more crowded, is becoming more and more necessary", comments Yamabe San, President of JD Razor.

The Japanese electric mobility market has been registering an important growth in the last years, even if still underdeveloped. A growth destined to increase, especially in 2020: "The year 2020 will be crucial for the sale of electric skateboards as Tokyo will host the first Olympic Games in which skateboarding will be introduced as a discipline. For this occasion we are working on special product developments and special editions," says the CEO of Linky, Paolo Pipponzi.


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