The campaigns not to be missed under the sun umbrella

The campaigns not to be missed under the sun umbrella

02 August 2019





Advanced bionic prostheses, IOT devices for pets, two-wheeled vehicles that revolutionize electric mobility, technologies to create a reference platform for sports and exclusive stays that transform luxury tourism: here are the projects to discover on Mamacrowd while relaxing on your summer holidays.


BionIT Labs designs and develops innovative bionic prostheses that combine advanced computer technologies with bionics.

The company's first product is Adam's Hand, the world's first fully adaptive hand prosthesis, which automatically adjusts to the shape and size of the objects it grips.

It has already collected € 150,000 in endorsements >> discover the campaign


Kippy develops IOT devices based on proprietary algorithms and on the most advanced localisation technologies that can identify and monitor the needs of pets and provide their owners with essential information and useful advice to improve the health of their dog or cat.

It has already reached € 704,000 of endorsements >> join the campaign


NITO designs, manufactures and markets two-wheeled electric vehicles that combine design, performance and unique emotions, with the aim of revolutionizing the electric mobility market. It has been able to intercept and anticipate the growth of the electric two-wheeler market: NES, the company's flagship electric scooter, which has won several awards in Europe for its design and is one of the most powerful in its category, came out ahead of the electric Vespa.

The company has raised € 225,000 in endorsements >> discover NITO's project


Sportclubby is the first platform to bring professionals and sportsmen and women together in one place.
Entering the market in January 2018, it already has 400 clients, 1.2 million bookings and a community of 90 thousand active users.

It has exceeded half of its collection, raising € 380 thousand in endorsements >> discover the campaign

TheGrand House

The Grand House is the first initiative that offers exclusive stays and unique experiences with the aim of revolutionizing Italian luxury tourism.
Its business model has already received some important validations and celebrities have decided to join its project, including footballer Gigi Buffon and actress Katia Smutniak.

The Grand House campaign is coming soon >> follow the project for launch info

The opportunities to invest in innovative projects do not end here: new offers are coming soon on our platform.Follow us to stay informed about new campaigns.

Enjoy your crowdfunding and... happy holidays from Mamacrowd!

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