Online training rethought by influencers

Online training rethought by influencers

21 May 2019





What if your passion became a profession?
Nicola Palmieri and Mario Palladino, known on Youtube as Redez and Synergo, managed to do it: driven by their passion for videogaming, they became influencers in the tech and videogames field, opening the famous YouTube channel "Quei Due Sul Server" that, together with its subsequent extensions (Quei Due Sul Server 2 and 3) and their personal channels, count over 1.8 million followers.

Working on YouTube, dealing with their own community and with other influencers, Nicola and Mario had an intuition: why not give professional influencers the chance to provide their community with valuable content in a quick and easy way? And what if they added the know-how of expert teachers?
This is how Docety was born, the innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the world of online training.
After having exceeded the maximum fundraising target of € 250,000 and having extended the campaign, Docety has now reached € 330,000 .


Building on the experience of its founders on YouTube, one of the most popular influencer and creative markets with over 1.9 billion monthly active users, Docety has become one of the largest communities dedicated to online training in Italy and has been chosen by numerous influencers and their communities, for a total of 15 million views per month.

Influencers in every sector need versatile, efficient tools designed specifically for teaching, so that they can spread their know-how by addressing their user base directly and Docety meets this need.


A training platform that brings together professionals and users, responding to the needs of the professional who wants to digitalize, the influencer who wants to monetize their know-how and the user who wants to retrain or extend their skills: a winning idea that has immediately demonstrated all its potential. Just 6 months after its launch, in fact, Docety has registered:

  • 17,000 registered users;
  • +140 coaches qualified after a series of interviews, on a list of 450 requests;
  • 23 different professional categories;
  • 4,000 actual hours of courses purchased
  • +100,000 visitors, who produced more than 1,000,000 impressions.

227 investors have already invested in Docety for € 330,000 of endorsements. Are you there too?


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