03 April 2017




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Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (AGI) has published the report on investments in startups for the first quarter of 2017. Along with the ten largest Italian deals, the four equity crowdfunding campaigns successfully closed on Mamacrowd were also included, all of them completed in overfunding in the past 90 days.

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Let's go in order.
In the first three months of the new year, 38 million euros were invested in Italian startups, 16 more than last year, with an overall growth of 42%. The average is 1.4 million per deal: the most important is represented by the 10 million euros raised in March by the online car marketplace MotorK, followed by the 4.5 million obtained by the professionals portal Fazland and the 4 million of the video streaming portal Mainstream.
The other important rounds in this ranking are: Zehus (2.4M), Treedom (2.4M), 40SouthEnergy (2.25M), Vino75 (1.5M), Zehus (1.5M), Pedius (1.4M), Artemest (1.2M), Thermostore (1M).

Also this year the gap with the other European countries seems irremediable. Just think that last year 180 million were raised in Italy compared to 7.8 billion in the UK, 2.7 billion in France and 1.6 in Germany.
It is no coincidence that the largest investment, that raised by MotorK, was led by two foreign venture capital funds, one Israeli and one Swedish.

In addition to the operations managed by the most active investment funds in our country, the report also highlighted, unique in the sector, the four successes of Mamacrowd and the almost 800,000 euros of subscriptions collected by the startups PerFrutto, Felfil, Parterre and Scuter. A sign of the growing attention that our platform is generating in the media and among professionals.

Here the article published by AGI.

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