Together with Universal Pictures to explain equity crowdfunding

Together with Universal Pictures to explain equity crowdfunding

20 September 2021







In Mamacrowd innovation is the watchword, and we don't stop at the financial sector only.

That's why we are the first equity crowdfunding platform in Europe to create a co-marketing project with an entertainment company, and the first company in the financial world to link its image to an animated film.

The co-marketing you don't expect

A co-marketing project consists in a collaboration between companies with the consequent promotion of joint marketing activities to obtain benefits in the approach to their own reference market, through activities that can also (as in our case) simplify the message, making it more "friendly".

The activities start today and will combine some "pills" of Mamacrowd with the characters of "Baby Boss 2 - Family Business", produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Why "Baby Boss 2 - Family Affairs?"

You may be asking yourself , "What do an animated film and an equity crowdfunding platform have in common?" More than you might expect, starting with the main character who is the CEO of a hedge fund forced to become a child again for the purpose of helping his granddaughter.

Some of the messages contained in the film are really very close to the themes dealt with on a daily basis by the crowdfunding industry. In some cases it seems to perceive a shared vision. In fact, among the values of the film we find concepts such as "union is strength" and "the future lies in the little ones" (which can be associated simply with children but also with crowd investors and start-ups ready to scale): founding principles of equity crowdfunding.

"The agreement with Universal Pictures allows us to communicate to a wide audience and in a totally new way a tool like equity crowdfunding, which in a few years has become crucial for the growth of many small and medium-sized Italian companies and with which even the small investor can achieve great results - said Dario Giudici, CEO of Mamacrowd - In Baby Boss 2 we highlight issues that are very close to us, such as the propensity to teamwork, the importance of small realities such as start-ups in the future, the possibility of obtaining successful results even engaging small capital. Our hope is that this project will intrigue many potential investors, starting with the parents who will accompany their children to see the film".

What's next?

The co-marketing campaign starts today: for four weeks the Baby Bosses will take you into the world of equity crowdfunding to discover the secrets of becoming a real "Investment Boss". On our social channels you will find all the advice for investing in the great companies of tomorrow, told through the images of "Baby Boss 2 - Affari di Famiglia", which is only waiting for you at the cinema from 7 October.

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