The secrets to a successful equity crowdfunding campaign

The secrets to a successful equity crowdfunding campaign

17 August 2021







Growing the company is the main objective of a manager or entrepreneur. For years now, there has been a winning trend of turning to the crowd to raise the cash needed for further business development. Undertaking an equity crowdfunding campaign means taking a disruptive step forward, but also investing time and professionalism in a process that allows companies to open up to new investments and get in touch with new investors who are enthusiastic about the business and with whom they can reach new goals.

There are several ingredients necessary to realize a successful campaign. Among these we find at the first places the quality of the business and also of the pitch, which is the tool used (by startups and also by SMEs) to present the company and provide economic information, and the planning of the various activities.


Marketing and communication in equity crowdfunding

Marketing and communication also play a fundamental role in the progress of the campaign, and should not be underestimated if you don't want to run the risk of not reaching the desired goals. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on a simple and effective narration of your product or service, of your strengths compared to the reference market and competitors, of the economics, of the objectives to be achieved in the future, of the modalities and times with which, potentially, an investor would accrue his earnings. In practice, it will be necessary to build an exhaustive, clear, attractive profile that explains why it is advantageous to invest in the company, thus bringing the user closer to becoming a partner.

An aspect not to be underestimated throughout the process is the synergistic relationship that must be created with the entire team of the equity crowdfunding platform chosen. The constant exchange of information, the proper organization of activities, the collaboration between the parties, will help to structure an excellent presentation of themselves addressed to their community, and not only.


The involvement of the community

At the same time of the elaboration of a winning profile, we work on the definition of a coherent communication campaign on several media, to be carried out before and during the campaign, also using, if necessary, new partners and expert collaborators.

Mamacrowd supports the bidding companies also in all the above mentioned phases, but it is necessary, at any time, the participation of the management team for the business part and of its community for the media relaunch. Startups and SMEs with a solid community are at an advantage and for this reason they must involve it, because it is made up of people (users, subscribers, supporters, possible investors) who are enthusiastic about the work of the company, therefore inclined to support it and achieve important results together. In addition, the equity crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity to make people talk about the company, turn the spotlight on the company and reach a wider audience of potential new partners and customers.


And after the campaign? At the end of the project, companies often find themselves with new customers and a new community to interact with, that of their investors. Communicating and involving them constantly will be a priority in order to continue along the path of growth undertaken thanks to equity crowdfunding.

Why not take the opportunity to find out if the world of equity crowdfunding is right for your business project?


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