10 May 2017

grafene liquido futuro graohene XT

A new company launches an equity crowdfunding offering on Mamacrowd.
Graphene XT is the Italian startup, specialized in nanotechnology, that produces and distributes liquid graphene on an industrial and international scale. Thanks to five patents, it proposes alternative methods to competitors with lower costs and reduced environmental impact.

It has obtained a grant of € 290,000 from Horizon 2020, the European Union's research and innovation funding programme.

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Graphene has unique characteristics: it is the thinnest existing material, as strong as diamond and as flexible as plastic, two hundred times stronger than steel and six times lighter. Thanks to its very high electrical and thermal conductivity and its special magnetic properties, it will enable applications for transparent and flexible smartphones, super batteries, hyper speed in data connections, and super performance consumer goods.

Pure or mixed allows technical revolutions and innovations on which Graphene XT bases its research and development. Just 15 years after its discovery, graphene is the protagonist of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the Internet Of Things sector: the startup develops cutting-edge solutions for companies in the energy, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace sectors.

Graphene XT has already signed commercial agreements with an Italian Oil&Gas multinational, with a German multinational and with academic subjects for the development of applications that flank production lines already active as bulk graphene (processed as an additive) and for conductive films and inks.

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The company is a selected member of Graphene Flagship, the European consortium for the study of the material which, with a budget of 1 billion euros, represents the largest research initiative on the continent.
The global graphene market is booming with an average annual growth rate of +58.7% and a total value that will reach $675 million by 2020.

The investment in Graphene XT, as an innovative startup, benefits from the new 30% tax deduction for both individuals and legal entities.

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