GhostWriter: another important technology validation

GhostWriter: another important technology validation

16 November 2018





Further technological and team validation for GhostWriter, the first Italian marketing strategy platform based on Artificial Intelligence. In just a few days it has reached 66% of the collection > discover the campaign and invest

The service and the technological infrastructure of the startup have been evaluated by Gellifya platform that connects high-tech B2B startups with high technological content with traditional companies. The analysis, expressed on the indices of product maturity, product roadmap and team skill set, has produced a overall rating of 4/5.


"The GhostWriter product is born from a team already rooted in YAMGU experience and with proven expertise in the field of AI . Thecore of the solution is based on a series of patents consolidated by the team over the last 4 years, which have allowed them to build a solution that is already broad from a functional point of view and a level of solidity sufficient to manage customers of moderate complexity" reads the Gellify analysis document - "There are currently several product lines and offerings that could prove onerous to support in terms of Roadmap and could benefit from a more defined prioritization. The quality of marketing materials, personally supported by the CEO, is already remarkable relative to the company's stage and demonstrates a structured approach and high proactivity in communication."

Gellify, partner of Mamacrowd, supports young companies not only through direct investments, but by providing the expertise of experts in enterprise software products and SaaS, accompanying them throughout the growth process, and creating a virtuous network between startups and traditional companies that need innovation to improve business processes.

The complete Gellify documentation, containing the entire qualitative analysis, is available in the "Documents" section of the GhostWriter projects page.


The evaluation of the platform confirms the innovative scope of the service developed by GhostWriter, based on patented proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, strengthened by international technical partnersof the calibre of Intel AI Builder andNVIDIA and a team with a solid background in high-tech development:the CTO and co-founder has exit experience with important multinationals such as BeyondTrust and Deltatre; he has studied artificial intelligence with exponents of Google, Google X, Udacity and Baidu; he has built digital systems still used by FIFA and CIOs and cybersecurity systems for companies of the calibre of NASAand Scotland Yard.

In this regard read the article published on IlSole24Oreentirely dedicated to the artificial intelligence of GhostWriter.

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