GhostWriter enters into partnership with Intel

GhostWriter enters into partnership with Intel

06 December 2018






The excellent results of GhostWriter, the first Italian marketing strategy platform based on Artificial Intelligence, continue. It has collected € 125 thousand of endorsements and reached 126% of overfunding> discover the campaign and invest

The company has signed a partnership with Intel, an international leader in the software production sector, through the Intel AI Builders program, which aims to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence on Intel platforms. An important agreement for GhostWriter, which will allow the company to accelerate the commercialization of its technological solution.
The news doesn't end there: GhostWriter has successfully participated in the Startup School of Y Combinator, the virtual boot camp offered by themost important American accelerator in the world, from which companies of the calibre ofAirBnB, Dropbox and Quora have emerged. Participation in the Startup School has given GhostWriter access to Y Combinator'shuge network of entrepreneurs and startups, offering the company a great opportunity to enter the US market. Already by the end of this year, GhostWriter will run sales tests for the Startup School community, to better prepare for the possibility of scaling the US market.

Important results that demonstrate the great innovative capacity of GhostWriter, which in just a few months has already validated the market thanks to contracts with important players such as Moleskine: "We have found in GhostWriter a Human-Oriented approach to understand the context in which our consumers operate", comments Peter Jensen, Chief Digital Officer of Moleskine. GhostWriter helps companies understand who their potential customers are, their lifestyle, their expectations, their behaviors, so deeply that they can predict what they need, even before the need becomes expressed.

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