01 February 2017




According to the Treccani, the term virtual reality indicates the simulation of a real situation with which human beings can interact.

A factor that has tickled the minds of many and that originally found its use mainly in cinematography, specifically with the Sensorama, a device that in 1962 allowed to involve, through vibrations, all the senses of those who watched the movies using it:"A sort of cinema for all five senses", says the Treccani.

However, innovation also consists in bringing technologies that were born for a certain reason into another field (a banal but clear example? The didò - the famous game for children - born in 1956 as a material for cleaning upholstery).

This is what startups are doing by applying augmented reality and videogaming technologies to the world of architecture, which thanks to this innovation, together with the real estate market, is enjoying new vitality. In fact, this is one of the sectors most affected by virtual reality technologies. As Jacob Freiberg, a researcher in architectural visualization at the Canadian iSpace Lab, said,

"Analyzing the design of a building on a computer monitor or with a physical model requires a certain degree of mental abstraction to imagine what it would be like to experience it first hand. But virtual reality is an intuitive and immersive way to enter into it: all the architects with whom we have experimented with it are enthusiastic and hope to one day be able to walk in their projects and maybe change elements of the scene with their hands, moving walls or changing the furniture and lighting with a gesture.

AmbiensVR, which has pursued an acceleration path at Luiss Enlabs, is moving in this direction, will be the next reality to open an equity crowdfunding on Mamacrowd. In fact, the company applies virtual reality to the world of architecture and design, exploiting the fact that through virtual reality the user can experience spaces by interacting with a 1:1 scale representation of objects. Currently, in fact, to present the architectural design, professionals use different ways, from static renderings to photos: none, however, allows to really live the spaces.

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To solve the problem, the Ambiens team has created a product consisting of a mobile app and an online control panel that allows you to create, and consequently view and share, the environment created in virtual reality or in 360° fullscreen mode. Real estate professionals, i.e. clients, can send in their design work in any format, even by hand. At this point, the work is taken over by professional 3D Designers who earn money by working with the platform. Once the project is ready, it is possible to download it directly from the app and, thanks to a cardboard visor (a visor for virtual reality) to be able to explore the project "live": the final client can also make changes in real time, for example by adding furnishing objects.

A conjunction between architecture and videogaming that revolutionizes the market of professional graphics software, identifying - as the AmbiensVR team states - the natural evolution of 3D content presentations.

The future of the sector will therefore be video game technology to create interactive experiences in virtual reality, giving the user the possibility to move in space and interact with everything in the environment.

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