05 April 2018





Elaisian is the world's leading precision technologyfor olive cultivation.
It allows producers to save costs by up to 30%, increase production by up to 20% and reduce water use by up to 20%.
The campaign, after just a few days, has already raised 97 thousand euros and 122% overfunding compared to the target> go to Elaisian's campaign

The platform, based on machine learning, satellite imagery and a ten-year database of climatological data, has already been validated by 30 clients, including Monini, Fattoria Ramerino and Malvetani, and has received over 120 international requests.


Thanks to a system of proprietary algorithms, the company crosses the different data with agronomic studies and is able to generate outputs such as reports and alerts, useful to the final customer.Through the platform, the olive producer can understand when there are adverse conditions in the field (diseases, water/food deficit for the olive tree) and is able to intervene in a timely manner, saving and optimizing its production.
In fact, olive oil producers lose up to 40% of their production every year due to the pathologies and climatic adversities that affect olive trees with the changing seasons.

Elaisian's technology is highly scalable: it can be adopted by small producers as well as large companies with more than 20 hectares. Elaisian is already present in 6 Italian regions and monitors more than 20,000 olive trees and is closing 25 new agreements to expand in Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.


The world market of olive producers is 3.5 million, of which 70% are present in the Mediterranean countries, where Spain occupies the first position with 32%, Italy the second with 28% and Greece with 13%. In Italy alone there are 850,000 olive producers (Ismea data). The potential annual market is € 2 billion.

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