DHOME, a new model for real estate

DHOME, a new model for real estate

25 October 2019





DHOME is an innovative real estate project that involves the purchase and renovation of one or more properties and their income with a return for investors clear and profitable right away.


DHOME introduces a new way of doing real estate. A model that gives speed and flexibility to the founder, to optimize the stages of research and real estate negotiation, but that refers the final decision to purchase to the members. An investment model protected by an underlying tangible, an experienced team and a market, that of short-term rentals in Rome, already tested.

How does DHOME work?
Once the fundraising campaign is over and a property has been identified, the DHOME founder draws up a competitive purchase proposal and a valorisation project to be shared at a meeting open to all investors, where everyone is free to join in.
At this point:

⒈ If the necessary quorum for the project is reached, we proceed with the purchase, renovation and development of the property, with an annual distribution to the crowd members and an exit after the 4th year.
Members who do not want to participate in the operation are paid an allowance for the temporarily given availability.

⒉ If the quorum is not reached, the founder can propose new projects by the end of June 2020. If none of these are accepted, the company is put into liquidation and the crowd members receive a preferential allowance covered by the capital injected into the company by the founder.

DHOME proposes aninnovation of process, sharing and profitability, which allows access to the world of real estate investments without having high capital, being able to count on a team of great experience in an often improvised market.


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