Anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese ebikes: a great opportunity for Bikee Bike

Anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese ebikes: a great opportunity for Bikee Bike

27 July 2018





Anti-dumping duties introduced on Chinese ebike imports: this is important news for Bicycle, which has developed an innovative technology, patented worldwide, to improve the performance and efficiency of electric bikes. The project has already raised over 157 thousand euros, reaching 105% overfunding compared to the minimum capital required > discover the campaign and invest

The European Commission, after a process of investigation into ebikes imported from China, has published Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1012, sanctioning the application of anti-dumping duties to all electric bikes of Chinese origin.The measure aims to revive the European ebike manufacturing sector, which to date has more than 800 manufacturers.
The duties, which range from 21.8% to a maximum of 83.6%, and the resulting price increase of Chinese imports, will affect production costs, a key determinant of China's competitive advantage, and therefore make it cheaper to produce electric bikes within Europe.

"The introduction of anti-dumping duties on Chinese products can only give a strong boost to Italian production, removing one of the main obstacles to the production of electric bikes in Europe.Italian production, removing a competition that covers almost 50% of the European market," said Matteo Sponte.European market," said Matteo Spaggiari, CEO of Bikee Bike. The measure represents for the company a unique opportunity to accelerate the growth of the company, which in 2017 had a turnover of 300 thousand euros, serving 27 countries and 5 continents. The technology developed by the company has received numerous awards both nationally and internationally: in 2016 it won the Italian Mechatronics Award and in the same year it was elected by Ford as the best automotive startup.


The regulation introduced by the European Commission offers Bikee Bike the opportunity to further increase the production of electric motors, which is already in strong expansion: in fact, the company has several negotiations, at an advanced stage, with foreign players for the supply of large quantities of motors.

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