Last mile mobility market grows

Last mile mobility market grows

29 January 2019





The last-mile mobility market, and in particular personal electric mobility, has seensignificant salesgrowth in recent years.
The figures speak of $33 billion by 2026, with an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.26% over the next 4 years (data: IDTechEx).


In the transportation and mobility industry, the term "last mile" refers to the distance from a transportation hub (e.g. station) to the final destination, and in even simpler words, the last short stretch of a very long journey (which can include national or international distances).
On average, the distance travelled to get around the city is only 7 km but the way of getting around the city is changing.
In fact, less and less people use public transport because often the distance between the point of arrival and the point of departure makes it inefficient to move, causing in addition a worsening of daily life.
These are the two main drivers of the growth of personal electric mobility (thanks to means such as hoverboards, folding bikes or longboards) that involves 50 million people.
In this sense, it is significant the growing interest of Italian and European politics that are working on legislation to regularize this type of vehicles, as already happened in California between 2015 and 2016.


The market related to last mile mobility is focusing on three specific types of vehicles: electric skateboards, electric scooters (scooters), E-Bikes both foldable and compact.

The first two types of vehicles have met with great success, especially in the North American market, despite the major criticalities of the vehicles available on the market today:

  • safety, as in the case of hoverboards,
  • encumbrance and consequent discomfort, such as folding bikes, scooters, rocket skates, miniskates and electric longboards.

Linky grasps this need in the market, capitalizing on the customer's need to have a means that can increase freedom and efficiency of movement.

linky-tokyoLinky has the shape of a skateboard, a patented folding system unique in the world, and integrates the best technology available:

  • Carbon and polymers, to make it light and transportable in a backpack;
  • Autonomy of movement for a good 17 km, thanks to a special lithium battery removable and manageable by a proprietary algorithm;
  • Rechargeable in 30 minutes and self-rechargeable when braking.

Linky is aimed at a clientele that sees travel as an integral part of their lives.
With a huge market in North America and Japan and a sizable one in Northern Europe, Linky wants to attract customers who have high purchasing power, are technology enthusiasts and interested in alternative transportation and eco-friendly mobility solutions.


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