Club Italia Investimenti 2 exceeds 1 million euros

Club Italia Investimenti 2 exceeds 1 million euros

08 November 2017





investimenti nel digitale club italia investimenti 2

A few hours before closing Club Italia Investimenti 2 has already raised € 1,173,875thanks to the participation of 325 investors, reaching 588% overfunding[collection data continuously updated].
The goal of the campaign is € 1.2 million which, besides being the most successful campaign of Mamacrowd, would also become the largest Italian campaign ever:

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The goal is near and the Club wants to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the digital revolution as an opportunity for growth for our country:"Club Italia Investimenti 2 in recent years has invested in the new Italian entrepreneurial excellence, supported by local partners who have carefully selected the best companies after having supported them for months and validated both the team and the business model," said Cristiano Esclapon, President of CII2.
"The fruits of this great collective effort are coming and these companies are raising capital and accelerating their growth that will lead many of them to become medium-sized companies and some, we hope, cases of great success.This has been possible thanks to the participation of over 500 investors who have supported us and believed in our selection model.Now with one last effort we can take this next big step.".

The current average valuation of the investees is € 2.8M and many of them are in the process of becoming good SMEs; today the average valuation of a small Italian company is around € 50-80M. CII2 is therefore an opportunity to generate an attractive multiple of the capital invested by the Club.

This means that investing, for example, € 10,000 in the Club would be equivalent to investing € 163 in each company. Whoever wants to invest € 500 per startup would have to invest € 30,000 in the Club.

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