AAA wanted: job opportunities in startups after crowdfunding

AAA wanted: job opportunities in startups after crowdfunding

10 January 2019





Today, there are more than 10,000 startups in Italy, employing over 50,000 people including partners, founders and employees, with a growing trend.

And in this fermenting scenario, the companies that have successfully concluded campaigns on Mamacrowd are no exception for the creation of job opportunities, thus pursuing the development plans presented in the campaign and respecting the use of funds declared during the online capital increase.

My Cooking Box, founded by Chiara Rota to export the made in Italy all over the world and that has concluded its collection with € 530 thousand, is looking for 14 people who will integrate the team with the aim of pursuing the objectives of business expansion including the strengthening of foreign sales. The company is looking for project managers, marketing people, engineers and online sales people.


Natked, which last year reached 247% overfunding on Mamacrowd raising € 430 thousand, innovates the fitness and wellbeing sector proposing the integration of workouts without tools, therapies and specialized medical visits, personalized training and nutrition education.

In April 2019 it will open a new office in the new and modern district of Citylife in Milan where, alongside the professionals and therapists, the team dedicated to the management and reception of customers will work.
The company is therefore looking for a figure who will have the management responsibility of the office and three other people to manage front office, customer bookings and administrative practices.

Design Italian Shoes, the fastest service in the world that makes customized footwear 100% Made in Italy, 251% overfunded, has recently hired a Web Designer and a Production Manager and is now looking for a Content Manager to manage the company's storytelling.

DNA Phone, born within the Engineering Department of the University of Parma, develops and markets technology platforms connected to mobile systems and cloud services to perform chemical and biological analysis in an independent, reliable and simple way, without the need to train specialized technicians or set up dedicated laboratories.
On Mamacrowd it has reached the maximum investment target, with € 650 thousand of funding and an overfunding of 445%.


To expand the IT department and adequately follow the new projects launched in 2019, DNA Phone is looking for two profiles: a backend developer with experience with Drupal, javascript, node.js, python and an android or iOS mobile developer with experience with python, javascript and node.js.

Maid for a day offers professional home services for short-term rental managers; the raise on Mamacrowd reached the maximum goal of €200k.
To support the growing demand for services dedicated to the world of hospitality, Maid is looking for:

  • 2 City managers for the cities of Rome and Florence
  • various Maid figures with experience in the hospitality sector
  • a figure dedicated to customer service in the city of Turin
  • a resource who will be responsible for check-in in the city of Milan.

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