Verification of appropriateness

The manager has opted to directly carry out the verification of the level of experience and knowledge of the Investor necessary to understand the risks of the financial instrument he intends to purchase on the basis of the information provided by the Investor.
The information constitutes theessential element for the correct evaluation of the financial instruments offered on the portal and of the related risks; therefore, it is in the interest of the Investor to provide complete, timely, truthful and updated information, as well as to promptly inform about any relevant changes.
The Manager, through the answers of the questionnaire, assesses whether the investment is appropriate to the Investor's Profile, taking into account that all offers refer to investments characterized by the highest degree of risk involving

  • the possibility of loss of the entire capital invested
  • illiquidity of the financial instrument purchased

Investor Profile

The information necessary to determine the Investor Profile is provided by the investor himself, by answering the questionnaire proposed during the investment phase. The answers to the questionnaire generate a score that will determine the investor's profile:

  • Low profile: score between 0 and 300
  • Medium profile: score between 301 and 650
  • High profile: score between 651 and 1000

The information is collected before the investment is made and is valid for 1 year; it can be updated at any time directly online in the private area of your "Personal Profile".
The appropriateness assessment is carried out by the Manager by associating the investor profile with the profile of the financial instrument as specified above. The instrument is appropriate for the investor if the investor profile is equal to or higher than the profile associated with the financial instrument.
In any case, taking into account the warnings received by the Manager, in caseof inappropriatenessof the transaction, the Investor may always decide to cancel the transaction or confirm the request for execution.

Therefore, the Manager informs that:

  • it relies on the accuracy and truth of the information provided by the Investor, unless it is manifestly inaccurate, outdated or incomplete.
  • will inform the Investor, in electronic form, if, on the basis of the information provided, the financial instruments offered are not appropriate for the Investor
  • if the Investor chooses not to provide the information requested or if he provides insufficient information, this decision will prevent the Manager from determining whether the financial instruments are appropriate for the Client.

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